How We Work


The client initiates an enquiry with the business team by looking into website or through various social media platforms. The business team has an initial understanding of the client, background, domain of interest, client requirement.


This enquiry is passed on to the technical team by clearly giving all the above information. This facilitates a clear understanding of the client requirements. The clarifications on both sides are clearly made and total clarity in the entire process is ensured.


The client then prepares a statement of problem depending on his/her specifications and instructions. The document is prepared in the deadline as per the client. The document is sent across to the client for approval. The client after seeing the SOP, he/she approves or makes some modifications. The final SOP is prepared.


The last stage in the entire process implementation is also carried out and sent across to the client. Once the client approves, the total document is sent for publishing in national/ international respective journal. Once the manuscript gets accepted the client is informed.
In case of thesis writing services, the total document is made and sent to client for approval. The final document is prepared once client approves depending on university requirements.


The final SOP provides total clarity and understanding on both sides. Then this initiates the next stages of service depending on the requirement. Once the document is prepared and it is sent for client approval.


After the completion of total documents whether it is journal writing or PhD writing, CATALYST also offers additional services to the client. We also check the plagiarism content in the work and we make sure that the content is plagiarism free*.
We also align the total work, check for grammar, spelling mistakes, typographical mistakes, paragraph alignment & spacing, content page, sub headings and main headings in the work. A total checking is done page by page, word by word for 2 -3 times totally to make sure there are absolutely no mistakes. Then it is sent to quality control manager for final verification and approval. Once it is cleared by the quality control manager, the document is sent across to the client within the specified time.
If any further clarifications or small assistances in the document is provided to a maximum of two times only.

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